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One & Done uses the power of heat to kill bed bugs. Unlike other heat treatments, we are able to reach above and beyond the “kill zone” of 122° F faster and uniformly throughout the space-penetrating through mattresses, walls. and crevices. This ensures complete eradication of all life stages of bed bugs in a single session.


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What Our Clients Say

Please be advised that Manitoba Housing and HEAT ASSAULT have been working in partnership since approximately April 2009 with the Heat Assault technology and team! We have found them to be flexible and sympathetic to the needs we outlined to them as to our expected results in using the technology.

Manitoba Housing has invested in two(2) Heat Assault trailer units, a Static Insulated Insect Remediation 48’ container plus a mobile Heat Assault MC20 trailer in addition to 12 Heater Units and all the ancillary hoses/manifolds etc. Both our trailer units have been fitted with low flow and high flow booster bumps enabling us to HEAT treat low and high rise buildings within our portfolio with successful results.

Since inception, Manitoba Housing has treated multiple buildings throughout Winnipeg and across the Province on site and completes successful static HEAT treatments at our secure compound. We use the technology as an integral part of our Bed Bug/Insect Management plan an average of 3-4 times per week. The program has been highly successful and results have been substantial in eradicating bed bug populations.

Besides eradicating bed bugs (and other insect populations), the HEAT ASSAULT program also assists in reducing/eliminating mould, allergens, dust mites, odours etc.

An added bonus to the technology is where it has been tested and manufactured. The machinery works exceedingly well in all types of climates, including ours where full heat treatments have been carried out in temperatures exceeding -30 degrees Celsius without a hiccup.

If you wish to discuss the Heat Assault’s capabilities further, I would be honoured to discuss them with you.

Regards, Dave Funk

Manitoba Housing - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hi I’m Jeff Murray President of HotAir Purification from Barrie, Ontario.

HotAir Purification has been using the Heat Assault HX500 equipment since 2011. If you your looking for a bed bug killing machine then you’ve come to the right place. The Heat Assault HX500 Kills them dead. HotAir Purification travels all across Ontario from Ottawa to Sarnia, Toronto to Sault St Marie.

Killing bed bugs in houses, apartments and schools. the Heat Assault HX500 delivers. We recommend the Heat Assault HX500 to anyone who is looking for a Bed Bug Killing machine that is safe, reliable, durable and easy to operate.

Thanks Heat Assault !

HotAir Purification - Barrie, Ontario

Dear Bruce,

I would like to take this time to write to you about how happy we are with our purchase of the Heat Assault unit. As you know we put a lot of time and research into which type of heat remediation equipment we were going to buy for our company. We have used a different type of heat equipment in the past and we that we needed to upgrade and make a change. For the last 5 months we have been using your 500x- 6 heat exchanger package with the high floor pump and the equipment has performed exceptionally well.

We now have the firepower to take on large and challenging jobs that would not have been possible otherwise. We have been pleased with the craftsmanship of the equipment, as well as the customer service that your organization has shown us. We cannot say enough positive things about you and your product.

A-1 Exterminators - Massachusetts

As a landlord in Toronto, I struggled with bed bugs for many years. The battle was never ending, and tenants were tired of having to be treated over and over. The tenants would many times over have to throw belongings away due to damage from the bed bugs. I grew tired of the situation. It started to be that I had to “avoid” certain tenants due to the issue. Until finally, my attention was pointed toward the Heat-Assault 500x. It took some thought, but I ended up buying the unit and treating all my property 5 buildings, 52 apartments.

The result was astounding. With at least 25 apartments affected by bed bugs and at least 6 of them had major infestations. It’s been approximately 4 months now and we have not had much of a problem since. We unfortunately have a few tenants who are not diligent and keep bringing in infested items from the garbage. But we are easily able to treat their apartments again if needed. The Heat Assault worked so well, I have opened up a new heat treatment pest control company. It was so easy because there are no chemicals and minimal training is required. No special license was required, so it was almost turnkey!

I highly recommend the Heat Assault 500X for any landlord or pest control company. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Heatsolete Pest Control - Toronto, Ontario

I would like to thank Bruce, Heat Assault, and yourself for the Heat Assault Unit and all that was done on my behalf to get me up and running. Your service is second to none. The power of the equipment has given my company a competitive advantage over companies using both the electric units and the propane units. For example, when we tell hotel owners we can heat treat an average of 10 -12 units per day compared to our competitors 4 to 6 units, it really opens the door for us.

The Hotel Owners want to get rooms back in order as quickly as possible both for revenue and also to eliminate the Bed Bugs quickly to reduce the potential for spreading. We have been told by one apartment owner that it took the last last company he used more than 8 hours to complete a 1 bedroom apartment. He was pleasantly surprised when we did it in less than 4 hours. It also minimizes the distraction to other tenants in the complex both by less time and less noise as our Heat Assault unit runs much quieter than the competitors.

Most important, the equipment has performed exceedingly well in the field. It is easy to use and we have done our last 3 jobs on one tank of diesel and still have a quarter of a tank left.

Thanks again.

Pest Assault, LLC - Cedar Falls, Iowa

Green Thermal Solutions ( has been utilizing the Heat Assault 500x for both residential and commercial projects throughout Southern Ontario. We have been greatly impressed by the unit’s ability to handle a wide variety of jobs and situations; it’s power and heating capabilities are unmatched.

This unit is incredibly easy to operate and maintain due to the well thought out ergonomics and easy to follow videos. Adopting the Heat Assault 500x has been one of the best choices we’ve made; both from an operational standpoint and the satisfaction of our customers.

We truly appreciate the skill and thought of the Heat Assault team in manufacturing this product and wanted to thank you for helping us be the best at what we do. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

The Team at Green Thermal Solutions - Hamilton, Ontario

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